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Putting Prayers to Action is proud to be part of making a difference in the everyday life of the children in Central & Eastern Kentucky through Blessing in a Backpack program.  We have also partnered with Frankie & Judy Caulder which have been ministering to the children of Eastern KY through the schools in Eastern Kentucky as they provide weekend food for eligible students as well as shoes, clothing, school supplies and hygiene items. Together, all goal is that no child is hungry on the weekend.

Frankie & Judy are striving to serve these children in their obedience in the calling that God has placed upon their heart. We have had the honor to serve with them on several of our Mission Trips. Putting Prayers to Action is pleased to announce that we are combining our efforts in Eastern KY to assist more children.

Deadline for the Back-to-School Distribution is June 15

SHORT SLEEVES on the garments please.

Be sure to mark the size on each garment you make.

I Praise God for Blessing so MANY children and their families in Eastern KY. God allowed us to minister to over 1,700. Only God can get the GLORY! The greatest PRAISE of All was the Salvations that God allowed us to be part of in His Harvest. Thank you Father for a Safe & Blessed Trip! Thank you all for the Prayers, Encouragement & Support you gave us!

Back-to-School packs:  Paper, pencils, erasers, pen, glue, scissors, ruler, crayons, notebooks, etc. Let children and youth become involved in the project by packing and placing them in a gallon zip lock bag. You can also use backpacks. Talk to a local school teacher for ideas on what your school pack should contain. You may want to place a suggested age or grade on the outside of the pack. Include a New Testament in each pack.

Children Clothes:  Match a little outfit, put it in a gallon Ziploc bag & write the size on the outside. Please use only gently used clothing. Place these in a box somewhere out of the way and when you are ready for us to pick up let me know. If you live far away, FedX has been the cheapest shipper so far. Please make sure all clothes are clean prior to packing them. You may also add new underwear, socks & a Gospel tract, if you can afford them. Gospel Tracts can be printed online free for kids. We really appreciate your help and the children will too!

Bible Study & Mission Training

If you are planning to go on our VBS Summer Mission Trip, we do have requirements that must be met in order to go. This also show’s the dedication & devotion that God has laid upon the person’s heart. We have a seven week Bible Study & Training for all which will be going. We will meet together as a team every Thursday night until we leave. During this time, the individuals grow together as a team. If we cannot function here together as a team, we will not be able to function there as a team. This trip will be hard because of it being our Summer trip. We will be dealing with the heat of the Summer. Please remember, this is NOT A VACATION! Everyone that goes on the Mission Trip plays a vital part in the team. Each individual pays their own way on the trip. The trip usually cost $100-$150 per day (depending on rooms, eats, & gas). We will be gone for an entire week. The deadline on letting me know about the Mission Trip is last part of May. Please always PRAY & SEEK God as decisions are made concerning ANYTHING!

Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry by providing any of the following items for the students, or through monetary donations.

Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry by providing any of the following items for the students, or through monetary donations.

Individual serving size canned meats with pop-tops

Individual serving size canned fruit with pop-tops

Individual serving size boxes of cereal

Cereal bars Individual serving size cups of pudding

Pop tarts

Cheese and peanut butter crackers

Fruit juice boxes Fruit roll-ups and gummies

Powdered milk (quart size packages)

New athletic shoes, school supplies and hygiene items

If you would like to sponsor a food drive to help fill the weekend packs, please feel free to contact us. We would greatly appreciate your assistance.

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