Putting Prayers to Action team members

Our team consist of ordinary people striving to serve our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.  God has brought many into the ministry as volunteers, team members and as prayer warriors.  

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Bryan, Tina, Trace & Brennen Decker

Founders of Putting Prayers to Action, Inc God formed the ministry through their family testimony.  PPTA took birth in 2004, as God prepared their family for His Plan for their life. As God placed the call upon their heart to Go, they stepped out on Faith and began the Ministry.

Earl & Mavis Hart

They are the parents of Tina and they live in Cecilia. They have been able to go on several mission trips and help wherever there is a need. They attend Smiths Chapel United Methodist Church.

John & Sharon Kennedy

Sharon is the sister of Tina. Sharon & John both serve as drivers to pull one of the trailers to haul the loads to Eastern KY. Whether on mission trips, work days or with the homeless, they love to serve our Lord while serving others. They attend Potters Hope in Leitchfield.

Regina Goodman

She is the sister of Tina. She hasn't yet been able to go on a mission trip, but love to volunteer with our homeless. Her and her husband Anthony always helps when possible. They attend WJCR Radio Station in Sonora, KY.

Kenny McGill

Kenny was our neighbor as God slowly  called us into ministry.  God brought him to our door and he told us I believe in you and God does too. He wants you to step further out and trust Him. He gave us our first donation and told us he wanted to be part of what God was going to do in our life. 

Candy Christmas

She is is the President of the Bridge Ministry in Nashville. God crossed our paths in 2009, as we volunteered at the Bridge. Candy gave us encouragement when we needed it most and continues to be a vital part of the ministry.

Arlene Cain

Arlene became part of the team in 2008. As she retired, she felt God leading her toward helping others. She has a true servants heart. She has been able to go on one mission trip. She always helps locally when possible.

Larry, Denise, Jamie & Shiann Yates

They joined the team in 2009. Larry is one of the drivers to haul the loads by pulling a trailer. As a family, they have served on many different trips and traveled to our homeless to minister. Workdays at the warehouse have become a family event. 

Charles Woosley

Charles and Donna joined the team in 2011. He has been able to attend several mission trips. He is on of the driver which hauls the loads to Eastern KY. When there is work or ministering to be done, Charlie is the first to arrive. He attends Falls of Rough Baptist Church.

David & Teresa Coleman

David & Teresa joined the team in 2012 and is one of our drivers which pulls a trailer. They have ministered on several mission trips and are part of our Creative Ministry Team. They are the leaders in the Puppets for Jesus. They serve to the best of their ability and with all their heart.

Mark & Sandy Coleman

Mark is David's brother. They joined the team in 2012 for our Summer Mission trip.  They have started traveling & ministry to Owsley County in Eastern, KY.  We Praise God for what He is doing in their lives and new ministry. We love you & miss you.

Laural Bowers

Laural joined the team in 2013. She is a worship leader and teacher for our VBS. Her love to serve the Lord & for music radiates on her face as she worked with the children. She attends Clarkson Baptist Church.

Linda Williams

Linda joined the team in 2013. She has gone on mission trips andvolunteers with different areas of ministry. She is part of the Creative Ministry Team, Clowns for Jesus. Linda also is a great artist. Her talents bless so many with her creative skills. She attends Clarkson Baptist Church.

Tara & Joey Sallee

Tara and her son Joey, helping on mission trips, homeless and local.  Together they made a perfect medical team to assist people at our events. They both joined the team in 2013. They attend Clarkson Baptist Church.

Richard Goodman

Richard's love to Share the Gospel and speak to anyone about Jesus is a heart felt passion for him. Richard has a true servants heart in all he does. He joined the team in 2013 on our Summer trip. He attends God's Way Community Church.

Marie Dennis

She joined the team in 2013. She has been able to go on several of the mission trips and to the homeless. She enjoys serving the Lord and helping others. She attends Pleasant Grove Methodist Church.

Frankie & Judy Caulder

Frank & Judy live in Lugoff, South Carolina. God crossed our paths in 2012. They provide the grill & cook all our hot dogs for our event. We have partnered together to reach more children with the Kentucky Sacks of Love Program. They enjoying serving the Lord.

Teddy & Donna Stewart

From Evarts, KY. God cross our path in 2012. Teddy is an Evangelist and travels with us to each event and helps minister to the families. We have joined efforts with them in assisting starting a food pantry Enduring to the End.


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